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Toddler Christmas Train with Santa, Elf, and Reindeer

If you're looking for something unique, this toddler Christmas train with Santa, elf, and reindeer really is a special find!

It's one of those toys that'll last and last and probably be a family favorite. If you've seen the Little People jungle train, it's just like that!

Santa sits at the front saying, "Ho! Ho! Ho!" when you press him. Press again and you'll hear "Jingle Bells." The elf has his own car and will move up and down when the train moves. The reindeer will spin when the train is moving. And you can mix and match each little character to different cars.

The train cars snap together easily but not so easily that they'll come apart without a little effort. This is nice because who wants a train that doesn't stay together when it's moving?? 🎅

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