Popular Kids Toys Christmas 2021

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My popular kids toys Christmas 2021 list includes classic selections for babies and toddlers that are always in-demand.

Toy shopping can be a little overwhelming, right? You need to consider who you're giving it to, their gender, their age, and more. Trends come and go quickly and as a parent or friend, you have to know what kids really want because part of the fun of gift-giving is when the recipient loves what we've given!

Some toys are always popular and are simply updated year after year. Others are quickly forgotten once the next big thing comes along. But if you shop smart - as I'm hoping to help you do here - you'll find entertaining and educational options babies and toddlers will love for a long time.

I've selected 5 of the most popular, most wished for toys that are timeless for babies and toddlers.

I picked these because as a mom, I want products that have stood - and will stand - the test of time. There's a reason that some things are still available after 20, 30, 40 years...kids LOVE them. And part of the fun of gift-giving is knowing that your gift will get used and loved for a long time.

Fisher's Price's Popular Rocking Stacker and Shape Sorter Combo Set
Fisher's Price's Popular Rocking Stacker and Shape Sorter Combo Set

I got this for my son's first Christmas and it's still something he'll play with at 3 years old. Stacking and sorting is always fun and babies and toddlers will ALWAYS want to do it.

This set is so affordable and it's nice that the shapes store easily in the bucket, which CAN hold other items.

Each one is durable and is practically indestructible.

Both products are great for developing fine motor skills and helping learn the concept of sorting and size.

Classic Sit and Spin Activity for Toddlers
Classic Sit and Spin Activity for Toddlers

I had one of these myself as a kid! To this day, I remember it as one of my favorites. And now, years later, it's still popular with kids 18-months and older.

100 Animals Electronic Tough and Hear Book
100 Animals Electronic Tough and Hear Book

I'm only including one of the popular Leap Frog electronic books but there are several to choose from.

This is 100 Animals and we have the Learning Friends 100 Words version.

Now, there's Scout & Violet's 100 Words and 100 Words About Places I Go, too!

What's fun is that you can just tap on a word or picture and hear that word -in English AND Spanish.

There are three activity modes - a reading mode, a look and find mode, and a music mode.

These books are great for babies, toddlers, and early readers.

32GB Kids Digital Camera
32GB Kids Digital Camera

This small camera takes photos and video and is easy for little hands to hold. It has a durable shell that prevents damage when dropped or banged up.

Sure, they can take selfies, but they can also snap family photos, take silly pictures, and record special moments with mom and dad. It's also great for family outings, vacations, and field trips.

If you're getting this for Christmas, you can help them take pictures of your holiday celebrations!

Hot Wheels City Robo T-Rex Ultimate Garage
Hot Wheels City Robo T-Rex Ultimate Garage

My toddler LOVES Hot Wheels cars. He's a typical rough-and-tumble boy who likes to shoot them down ramps and crash them into each other. He also enjoys collecting different ones {we're currently on the lookout for a reasonably-priced school bus.}

And if I'm really honest, I love some of these, too! The classic cars are fun to collect and so are ones like the Scooby Doo Mystery Machine and Time Machine from Back to the Future.

But when you have ALL these cars, you gotta have playsets to play with. And this one is great. It's not too big and it's fun to see if the cars can make it past the T-Rex and slide to the end.

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