Little Tykes Easy Store 3' Trampoline Review

I thought I would share my Little Tykes Easy Store 3′ Trampoline review in case you’re considering buying one for your toddler.

When my teenager was around the same age as my toddler, he had SO much energy that I was always looking for toys and activities that would keep him busy and moving.

Even though he went to preschool and got lots of active playtime during the day, he would come home and still have lots of energy to burn.

So we purchased a small trampoline for toddlers and he used that thing until he outgrew it.

Fast forward to today.

They don’t make that particular jumper anymore so when it was time for my toddler to get one, my sister and I went looking, and unfortunately, my little guy wasn’t quite old enough to meet the minimum recommended age for use.

But as he got closer to 3, we figured it was time and my sister gifted him with this Little Tykes trampoline for Christmas.

Yes, he started using it a little before he turned 3, but it has been one of the best gifts he was ever given and it’s probably his favorite toy ever {well, maybe second only to his school buses.}

Wondering if this is the best indoor trampoline for toddlers? Read on!

Must Read! As of this writing, there’s a newer version you might want to check out! ➡️ See it here.


The trampoline is 3 feet long and wide and is 33.5 inches high.

It weighs 14 pounds.

I measured ours and the distance from the jumping surface to the top of the padded handlebar is about 29 inches.

When folded down, the trampoline is about 12 inches high.


The main feature that sets this toddler trampoline apart is that the handlebar folds down for easy storage and we LOVE that!

It’s also lightweight and very easy to move and store. We tip ours on its side to keep it out of the way.

I also like that the cover has holes that the legs slip into so the padded cover around the edge stays put.

Recommended Age and Weight

This trampoline is recommended for kids age 2 to 5 years old and the maximum weight is 55 pounds.

If you have an older child or your child weighs more than 55 pounds, you might want to size up to a different trampoline.

Ease of Use

My twenty-something nephew was able to put this together with the tools that came with it and it was ready for use in – maybe – 15 minutes.

It was very easy to put together but some reviewers have mentioned that they had more trouble, citing holes not lining up. We didn’t experience this.

To get it to fold down for storage, you just unscrew the caps and slide them up the handlebar so you can fold it.

To set it up, you slide the caps down and screw them tight.

Note that the handlebar can only be folded down for storage – it can’t – and isn’t meant to – be removed.

Indoor or Outdoor

This is a foldable indoor toddler trampoline so it’s meant for indoor use only but I’ll be honest, we’ve taken it outside.

However, we haven’t left it outside.

We fold it up, wipe it down, and bring it back inside the house when my little one is done playing.

It is definitely not meant to be left outside and if it were, the elements would ruin it pretty quickly.

Ideally, you use it and store it indoors.


Is it safe?

There aren’t any sharp edges, the handlebar has a foam cover for padding and grip, the springs are covered and the cover has a bit of padding.

The jump surface doesn’t have a ton of bounce – it’s really just enough for little ones.

Still, you’ll want to make sure you show your toddler how to jump, how to hold on, how to stay safe.

My little guy has to be reminded that jumping too high and too roughly can cause the trampoline to move or even lift up, but it takes a lot of oomph for that to happen. Otherwise, the base and surface are pretty secure for jumping.


The price of this trampoline actually falls at the lower end of the price range when you compare similar products. There’s a newer lighted version and it’s about $20 more.

PLUS, the main difference between this one and the newer version is that the new one lights up and flashes in different patterns. Everything else is about the same.

Little Tykes Easy Store 3′ Trampoline Care and Maintenance

My little guy is a rough-and-tumble kind of kid and he has been super hard on our trampoline but it is still holding up.

We did make some adjustments and, while I don’t recommend you do the same, I do want to show what we’ve done.

One of the first things we noticed is that the foam padding on the handlebar shifted and started sliding down.

So as you can see at the right, we taped up the handlebar on either side of the padding and that has completely stopped it from shifting.

One thing that buyers criticize – with good reason – is that the handlebar does get wobbly pretty quickly. Ours, even when screwed tightly, is pretty wobbly.

However, I haven’t noticed this impacting how my toddler jumps and I don’t think it’s any less safe for him – the bar is still secure, still in place, and still gives my son something to hold when jumping.

Actually, my son will treat our trampoline like a jungle gym and use the handlebar to swing like he would on monkey bars {yes, we stop him from doing this when we see it!} But that handlebar has not broken.

Foldable Indoor Toddler Trampoline – Check it Out in Use!

We love our indoor trampoline with handlebar – even if it does wobble a bit!

Yes, we move the coffee table out of the way and there are toys everywhere, but we make it work!

Music Credit: Scott Holmes


  • Affordable
  • Great for active toddlers
  • Easy to set up
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to move
  • Easy to store


  • Handlebar can get wobbly
  • Intense play can cause movement and even lifting or tipping

Consumer Ratings

In my research, I found that 8/10 buyers are happy and satisfied with this product. They highlight kids who love jumping on – and get a lot of use out of – this trampoline.

Critics site assembly issues and quick wear and tear.

It seems that most buyers have no trouble assembling the product and while I agree that wear begins to show up quickly, it is not a determining factor in the lifespan of the product.

Little Tykes Trampoline for Toddlers Summary – Is This the Best Toddler Trampoline?

If you’re looking for an affordable, top-rated, small indoor trampoline for toddlers, the Little Tykes Easy Store 3′ Trampoline is a great choice.

So far, ours has lasted almost a year and it’s likely my son will outgrow his trampoline before he wears it out.

If you want the most recent version, the one I’m reviewing here is probably not for you.

But ours is still available and is less expensive if you don’t mind doing without the lights that come on the newer version.

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