shape o ball shapes do double duty with sensory sand

We love our Tupperware Shape O Ball and when my youngest was old enough to enjoy it, we got a new one.

It’s a cute simple toy that will last for generations and I’m actually pretty disappointed that we didn’t hang on to the one we used to have.

Of course, you know that it has two handles on each side that open it up. Then, the shapes fall out and you can sort them by shape and pop them back in.

This activity covers a lot of bases – kids learn colors, shapes, and sorting.

It’s also fun to get down on the ground and roll it around {even if it IS a little noisy!}

Another Use for Those Great Shapes!

But my 3-year-old isn’t so interested in taking the shapes out, sorting them, and popping them in anymore. Sure, he still does this for a few minutes but then, it’s off to another activity.

Oh, boy…this ALL changed when we started using our Shape O Ball shapes in a NEW and really fun way.

We picked up a bag of Kinetic Sand and we use the shapes to make our own shaped sand bricks!

Here’s a tip: to get the sand out of your shape, gently tap it against something and it’ll slide right out. We tap it against the rim of the high-chair tray!

Major Toddler Entertainment that’s Fun for Grown-Ups, Too!

One evening, I came home to my toddler STILL in his high chair after I’d been gone about an hour. He was in it when I left and Dad told me that he had been having a blast with his sand and shapes the whole time.


If you pick up a 2lb. bag, there’s really not much to get all over the place and this stuff really does kind of stick to itself. It’s the coolest sensory play, let me tell you.

And yes, Dad and Mom get in on the fun. It’s a fantastic family activity!

Do yourself a favor, and pick up some sand buckets and play dough accessories because they work for Kinetic Sand, too.

Building Sandcastles with Kinetic Sand and Your Shape Ball Toy

With so many shapes to choose from, you could build some amazing sandcastles with sensory sand and your shape ball toy.

Unfortunately, I don’t have any pictures to give you ideas because my toddler wants to destroy my sand shapes as soon as I make them! 😂

Know a Toddler with a Shape Ball?

Pick up some Kinetic Sand as a gift! In fact, when I get asked what friends and family can get my little one for Christmas, I’m gonna say, “More sand!”

If you’re looking for a gift idea and they don’t have a shape ball toy, that and some sand would be a great thing to give.

Clean Up Duty

And moms will love that it’s not too messy. Clean-up duty is pretty easy.

What I do is gather up as much as I can in a ball and then stamp it all around, picking up as many small bits as I can. This stuff sticks to itself, so it comes right up.

Another nice thing is that the sand can get on your carpet and it DOES NOT stick. We either pick it up ourselves or vacuum it up.

Nice and easy!

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