spooky halloween toys toddlers will love

It’s my favorite time of year so I thought I’d round up some spooky Halloween toys toddlers will love.

Little ones like to dress up and celebrate just like the rest of us…starting at a pretty young age!

My toddler has enjoyed dressing up as one of his favorite characters and doing some trick-r-treating. And there’s something so special about apple picking, hayrides, and visiting the pumpkin patch {we like the ones that are REAL sincere!}

Halloween “What’s Inside?” 5-Piece Soft Playset

We have this great “hidden box” toy that we call our busy box and I love that I found this Halloween version!

Four plush Halloween toys – a black cat, a spider, a candy corn, and a ghost – can all be packed up into the soft jack-o-lantern.

Great for babies for sensory play because the soft texture engages the sense of touch and each toy makes a different sound – the candy corn crinkles, the cat and ghost squeak, and the spider rattles when you shake it.

Toddlers will love it, too, when you make it into a game. Try playing seek-and-find or guess-the-toy.

Five Little Pumpkins Tabbed Interactive Board Book

I picked this book up for my little guy when he was still a baby but he STILL loves it as a toddler because it’s interactive.

The story follows five little pumpkins and the adventures they have one night.

Part of the fun is that you can do hand and arm movements that go along with the story and encourage your toddler to do the same.

Halloween Bubble Poppers

My teenager loves these bubble popper fidget toys and my 3-year-old came across it and had fun popping the bubbles, too.

If your toddler is 3 or older, they might have fun with this set of four bubble poppers shaped like a pumpkin, ghost, bat, and spider.

Spooky Skeleton Horse Bouncy Hopper

Active toys are necessary when you have little ones with tons of energy.

So this ride-on bouncy skeleton hopper horse is a great toy for Halloween!

Toddlers can get moving, work on balance, and have fun all at once.

Funny Face Stickers and Decals for Pumpkins

Your toddler might not be ready for pumpkin carving but one fun Halloween activity is using stickers to make cute and funny faces.

This can be an activity you do together, where you guide sticker placement OR you can let your little on have the freedom to do it all by himself.

A simple activity but sometimes it’s the simple ones that are the best.

Candy Corn Bowling Set

I’m a huge fan of toys and games that get my toddler active because he has SO much energy to burn!

This candy corn bowling set is simple enough for your toddler to set up himself and then he can have fun knocking them all down.

Small enough and safe enough for indoor AND outdoor play.

Halloween Bean Bag Toss

I don’t know about your child, but mine loves “cause and effect.” He loves to set stuff up and knock it over.

So this is another top pick where your toddler can set up some cans and use the included set of three bean bags to knock ’em down!

I Spy Halloween Activity Book

Your toddler might not be up for more complicated activity books, but this one is great because it’s very simple.

This is something they can do independently, if they’re old enough, but it’s also something you can do with your child.

Point to and ask your child what the letter on the page it. Ask what the pictures on the page are and ask which one starts with the letter on the page.

The designs also double as coloring pages.

Halloween Toys for Children 2-5

What I found interesting when doing research for this post is that it wasn’t easy to find Halloween toys for children ages 2-5 so I hope I’ve given you some good options that’ll be fun for you AND your little one.

Do you have a favorite toy NOT mentioned on this page? Did you try one of these with your child? Let me know in the comments!

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